It’s a special weekend for your host — a milestone birthday, and the fourth year of broadcasting on StillStream.FM. So this program is all about birth as we dip into the StillStream library to celebrate.

“Birth Of Light” – Phrozenlight – Birth (2006)
“Secrets” – The Tunnel Singer – Water Birth (1999)
“Birth” – z1r0 – Audio Atavisms Revisited (1997)
“Birth of a Planet” – Audio Gourmet – Defying Science (2008)
“Star Birth” – Alpha Wave Movement – Myriad Stars (2011)
“Birth of a Planet” – Dan Pound – Living Planet (2009)
“Birth of Liquid Desires” – Vir Unis – Symbology (2002)
“Birth of Still Places” – Steve Roach – Dynamic Stillness Disc 1 (2009)
“The Birth of Venus” – Sebsi – Unreleased (2007)
“Birthing Rain” – WILLIAM SPIVEY – Balance (2013)
“Birthplace of the Occult Fire” – Max Corbacho – Nocturnal Emanations (2003)
“Convergence” – Gregg Plummer – Quiet Friends: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence (2014)
“No Birth, No Death” – Chronotope Project – Event Horizon (2013)

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