Water’s Edge

When we first planned the At Water’s Edge​ radio program, over three years ago, we called it “At Water’s Edge” and the name came fairly easily.

The underlying idea in the name was that (in addition to the fact that the studio was right next to a lake) the line between shore and sea is a magical place. It’s where journeys begin or end, and whether they’re inner journeys or worldly travels, they mark a major transition, a transformation–for it is impossible to travel any significant distance without being changed by the things one sees and experiences along the way.

This program explores those shores: inner, outer; remembered, forgotten; terrestrial or alien. Let the journey begin.

Video archive

IMGA0100Images by Kuutana
Poetry from the cycle “At Water’s Edge

“Forgotten Shores” – Altus (Canada)​ – Water (2003)

“landfall” – peter james – landfall (2012)

“The Fading Shore” – Frore​ – The Nameless Place (2009)

“Sea Fog Makes Landfall” – Voder – Fields (2010)

“Plutonium Shore” – Ade Hodges – Plutonium Shore (2014)

“Forgetting The Shore” – The Ghost Between the Strings – Forgetting The Shore (2007)

“The Beach” – Bing Satellites​ – Twilight Sessions volume 11 (2013)

“Water’s Edge” – Kenneth John Parsons – Inexplicata Music (2007)

“SeaGreen I” – The Color of Sleep​ – SeaGreen (2015)

“Inuksuk” – Hertz & Mystified​ – Inuksuk (2015)

“Water’s Edge” – Streamline – The Earth Ambient (2006)

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