Today we’re wandering and exploring with a variety of ambient works from around the world–and if you tune in to our Livestream feed, paintings and photographs from all over the world as well.


“Explorer01” – Susperia-Electrica – Dream State (2008)

“Heaven” – Lumina Magica – Searching for Heaven (2010)

“Search” – I’ve Lost – Step Down (2009)

“Wandering In Forgotten Rain” – Perimeter – Drone Download Project Year 5 (2007)

“Blue Searchlight” – Har – Obscura (2010)

“Reality Is Only An Illusion” – Darkness and Silence – The Wanderer and His Shadow (2007)

“The Path Home…” – Darren HarperTime Forgotten (2009)

“Seeker After Patterns” – Sensitive Chaos – Live Unreleased (2009)

“In Search” – wondervu – Coal Creek Cogitations (2008)

“Secluded Trail” – Altus (Canada) – The Wanderer (2006)

“Wandering Spirits (Houston Monday) – Simon Waldram – Songs Without Words (2010)

“In Search for New Life” – Susperia-Electria – Life on Another Planet (2008)

“Everything Seeks Balance Part 1” – Vir UnisEverything Seeks Balance (2004)

“Wander” – Distant Waves – Stones from the River (2003)

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