False Dawn

They say it is always darkest before the dawn. It depends on your point of view. The composers featured in today’s At Water’s Edge program all have a different musical perspectives of the dawning of a new day.

Chaliyar Kadavu before sunriseThe program features works of Michael Sandler, Andrew Lagrewski, Steve Roach, Andrew Lahiff and more.

“Salila” – Matt Borghi – Chasing the Dawn ~ Ultima Thule Ambient – 2006 (4:49)
“False Dawn” – Michael Sandler – False Dawn – 2005 (22:03)
“The Plasma Pool” – Andrew Lagowski – False Dawn – 2005 (26:23)

“Darkest Before Dawn” Steve Roach – Darkest Before Dawn 2002 (1:13:58)

From Twilight Till Dawn – Squeezed Memories (2009)
“Dream 1 (Secret 10pm Encounter)” (5:55)
” Shy Kisses” (5:34)
“Love is a… (All Night Transmision)” (6:33)
“St Mary” (4:58)
“Dream 3 (5am Back Home)” (6:36)

“Almost Sunrise” – Andrew Lahiff – Unreleased – 2004 (6:16)

Cheer – Dawn Chorus (2009)
“Wake Up!” – (20:19)
“By Gas and Candlelight” – 2009 (26:42)

“Mist Before Sunrise” – Audio Gourmet – Earth’s Exit Door – 2008 (6:11)

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