At Winter's End

In much of the northern hemisphere, snow is still falling, lakes are frozen over, and yet, the first hints of spring are starting to appear. Crocuses, those tiny harbingers of the changing season, have poked their heads above ground; in other places, the dogwood and cherry blossoms have come and gone. Today’s show is called “At Winter’s End” and over the next four hours, we’ll journey from deep winter into spring.


We’ll hear Janne Hanhisuanto’s ICESCAPES in its entirety, a stunning long form work inspired by a series of photographs of a land locked in ice.

We’ll also hear tracks from the Wandering Ear release MELT : MINNESOTA REMIXED, which is a collection of environmental field recordings that have been taken and altered by ambient artists.

And once the ice is melted, we’ll listen to Bolander’s THE CENTER OF THE LAKE ON A QUIET AFTERNOON, an amazing long form ambient epic that is as photographic as its name suggests.

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