Strings n Things

Today’s edition of At Water’s Edge features music created around string instruments–plucked, hammered, prepared, altered, processed, etc. We’ll hear from Stephen Briggs, Luong Hue Trinh, Ade Hodges and Cousin Silas, James Hoehl, Psicodreamics Salva Moreno (Psicodreamics), Mystified and Daniel Barbiero, and Cryogenic and Disturbed Earth. Podcast: Play in new window | Download


Ancient Memories

One of the great things about ambient music is that it covers so many different moods, instrumentation choices, colors, atmospheres, and so on. This week we’re going to survey ambient music that looks back at instrumental traditions even as it uses modern technology to bring those traditions forward. Podcast: Play in new window | Download


Virtual Barbecue

As we near the end of summer in the northern hemisphere, we thought it might be fun to share a virtual barbecue At Water’s Edge. For this week’s edition, we’ll be spinning a variety of ambient beats, and for those who are joining us via Livestream, we also share pictures of your barbecues! Podcast: Play in new […]



This edition of At Water’s Edge features collaborations between artists, often across great distances thanks to the wonders of the internet. Podcast: Play in new window | Download



Continuing our mission to play only new releases, this week we’re rolling Bing Satellites‘ latest Twilight Sessions (vol 13) in its entirety! Podcast: Play in new window | Download

Tune in Saturdays from 9pm to midnight UTC for At Water's Edge. This week features a Bing Satellites' latest release, "Twilight Sessions, vol. 13". Join us on Stillstream Radio and on Livestream!

Fog Music Previews

Aural Films‘ “Fog Music” project is well underway, with plans for a total of 24 hours of music from various ambient artists composing their visions of what fog… sounds like. We have played the most recent releases in their entirety over the last few weeks, and this week we get to look ahead to what’s […]

Abstract photograph of stone wall detail, taken 2012 by Rebekkah Hilgraves. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

New Releases: The Theatre of the Abstract

This week’s edition focuses on more abstract ambient releases that rely on the listener’s imagination to provide the colors. From the Free Floating Music netlabel, we’ll hear Simon Slator’s Four Patterns, released in March of this year; Phrozenlight’s latest, called Electric Joy, was just released a few days ago; Disturbed Earth has been remastering and re-releasing some […]


New Releases: Fog Music (Part 2)

As promised, we’re playing the rest of the available Fog Music from Aural Films on this week’s edition of At Water’s Edge–Fog Music #4 from Scott Lawlor (the host of “The Blind Flight” on Friday nights on Stillstream), and #6, just released this week, from EugeneKha. And–bonus!–we’ll hear a few other new releases this week as […]