At Water’s Edge Review by George De Bruin

Blue Meditation from "Passage to Vietnam" (c) by Silva Wischeropp

The Rules of This World

We feature recent releases from Robert Scott Thompson and Ade Hodges on this episode of At Water’s Edge. Images by Silva Wischeropp from her series Passage to Vietnam. You can see more of her work here: Video archive: Podcast: Play in new window | Download Like this:Like Loading…

Prague Astronomical Clock


The Dialogues Of Longing

Wings of an Angel

We devote this show to the music of a single ambient artist, the weird and wonderful (and I do mean that in a good way) Wings of an Angel. Wings of an Angel is Felix Kaplan, an independent outsider ambient artist from Israel. His introspective creative/musical autobiography explores eccentric deep lands, intimate memories and unorthodox […]


Nevermore (Part 4)

The final installment in the Nevermore series, an ongoing project built around the sounds of Mojave Desert ravens, this week’s program includes tracks by Playman54, Simon Slator, Michael Brückner, Tom Caufield, James Shain, Sonic Bodhi, and Skr0!nk. These are all wildly varying interpretations of the same material, and are part of a fascinating survey of […]


Relaxing with Machinery

Berlin school electronic music--some ambient, some... not so much--on this edition of At Water's Edge, and featuring photography of Berlin resident Silva Capitana.

Wir sind alle Berliner

The Berlin-schule (Berlin school) is a style rather than a place (although most of its early practitioners were in West Berlin). Begun in the 1970s, it encompassed a particular style of electronic music, and some of the innovative early records formed the basis of ambient music. Klaus Schultze, Tangerine Dream: you know many of the names. Video […]

Image by Mona Be4 (

The Long Night, Part 2

More recent Fog Music releases from Aural Films, featuring works of Playman54, Lutz Thuns, Dan Pound, Symatic Star, William Spivey, Metlay!, and Yeti Wolf, and featuring photography of Mona Be4 Photoart, as well as images from a collection of old photos from a small town in Ohio, courtesy of Tim Kays. The video archive is available […]